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-- gray-code.cabal auto-generated by cabal init. For additional
-- options, see
-- The name of the package.
Name:                gray-code

-- The package version. See the Haskell package versioning policy
-- ( for
-- standards guiding when and how versions should be incremented.
Version:             0.1

-- A short (one-line) description of the package.
Synopsis:            Gray code encoder/decoder.

-- A longer description of the package.
   Gray code is a binary numeral system where two successive numbers
   differ in only one bit. This package allows to convert Haskell
   numbers to one of the possible Gray codes and back.

-- URL for the project homepage or repository.

-- The license under which the package is released.
License:             BSD3

-- The file containing the license text.
License-file:        LICENSE

-- The package author(s).
Author:              Sergey Astanin

-- An email address to which users can send suggestions, bug reports,
-- and patches.

-- A copyright notice.
-- Copyright:           

-- Stability of the pakcage (experimental, provisional, stable...)
Stability:           Experimental

Category:            Codec

Build-type:          Simple

-- Extra files to be distributed with the package, such as examples or
-- a README.
-- Extra-source-files:  

-- Constraint on the version of Cabal needed to build this package.
Cabal-version:       >=1.2

  -- Modules exported by the library.

  -- Packages needed in order to build this package.
  -- Modules not exported by this package.
  -- Other-modules:       
  -- Extra tools (e.g. alex, hsc2hs, ...) needed to build the source.
  -- Build-tools: