Sergey Astanin avatar Sergey Astanin committed 8d7e3dd

Added configure flag NoPkgConfig.

When pkg-config is not available, the library can be build with
NoPkgConfig flag:

cabal configure -fNoPkgConfig

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 Name:                bindings-libzip
 Synopsis:            Low level bindings to libzip.
   This package provides low-level bindings to libzip library.
 Cabal-version:       >=1.2.3
 Tested-with:         GHC == 6.12.1, GHC == 7.0.1
+Flag NoPkgConfig
+  Description: Do not use pkg-config to check for library dependencies.
+  Default: False
         base >= 4.0 && < 4.4
       , bindings-DSL >= 1.0 && < 1.1
-  PkgConfig-Depends:
-        libzip >= 0.9
+  if flag(NoPkgConfig)
+    Includes: zip.h
+    Extra-Libraries: zip z
+  else
+    PkgConfig-Depends: libzip >= 0.9
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