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LibZip for Haskell

This is home page of Haskell bindings for an excellent libzip library. Haskell bindings cover all (or almost all) the functionality of the corresponding C library: creating, reading, updating and deleting files, editing metadata (archive and file comments). LibZip is particularly suitable for processing large on-disk zip archives.


API documentation is available on Hackage.

There is also an example of zip utility written with LibZip. It should give an idea how to use the library.


To install LibZip run:

cabal update
cabal install LibZip

To install from source, first go to bindings-libzip/ folder and cabal configure, cabal build, cabal install, then do the same in LibZip/ folder.

If you do not have pkg-config installed (e.g. on a Windows machine), you may install the library without it, if you use -fNoPkgConfig flag for cabal configure and cabal install.

Make sure you have libzip header files installed on your system. Current LibZip is buildable with GHC 7.10 and cabal-install utility. Probably it is still buildable with older GHC versions.

Why another zip library?

In my another project I need to read large zip archives (up to 2 GB) and index their contents. I found there is already zip-archive library on Hackage. It is nice and pure (working with lazy bytestrings, not files), but it doesn't suit my needs for two reasons:

  • zip-archive library is GPL,
  • zip-archive reads the whole archive into memory even on the most routine operations (like getting a list of files in the archive).

The fundamental problem with zip-archive is that bytestrings are sequential and don't have fseek. There is no reliable way to implement random access.

And as I want to release my Haskell code under BSD or MIT licenses, GPL library had to be avoided.

So I decided to rely on a well-tested C-library with predictable performance to do the hard work, and wrap it with a nice Haskell interface to avoid boring resource management. This is how LibZip was born.


Yes, it's here. Get your own copy:

hg clone

or browse online.


Does anything go wrong with LibZip? It shouldn't.

See also test coverage.


Current version is 1.0.1 and it is compatible with libzip-1.0.x, but doesn't implement all its features yet. Version 0.11.1 is compatible with libzip-0.11.*. Earlier version (0.10.2) is compatible with libzip-0.10.*.


  • LibZip 1.0.1. Compatible with libzip-1.0.1. Buildable with GHC 7.10.1.
  • LibZip 0.11.1. Bug-fix release. Added a missing test file on Hackage.
  • LibZip 0.11, bindings-libzip 0.11. Compatible with libzip-0.11. API changes to support Zip64 (large files), UTF-8 in file names in comments, file encryption and compression methods.
  • LibZip 0.10.2, bindings-libzip 0.10.2. Compatible with GHC 7.6.1.
  • LibZip 0.10.1, bindings-libzip 0.10.1. Compatible with minor revisions of libzip-0.10.*
  • LibZip 0.10, bindings-libzip 0.10. Compatibility with libzip-0.10. API change. 86380ecbc8d9
  • LibZip, bindings-libzip Allow build on GHC-7.4.1.
  • LibZip, bindings-libzip Removed datatype contexts. GHC-7.2.1 is supported.
  • bindings-libzip Optional NoPkgConfig flag for cabal configure.
  • LibZip, bindings-libzip Updated base dependency for GHC-7.0.1.
  • 0.2. Low-level bindings moved to a separate package bindings-libzip.
  • 0.1. Bindings re-imlpemented with bindings-DSL. New high-level monadic API. Legacy API is still available. Complete CRUD support.
  • 0.0.1 and 0.0.2. Partial bindings implemented with C2Hs. Read-only access to Zip archives.