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     Variables `i_month` and `i_day`, as well as built-in permalink styles, are
     not available.
+* Plugin system
+    Obraz 0.2 introduces an experimental plugin system. It may be changed
+    significantly in the future releases. Please refer to the [announcement][5]
+    and the [source code][6] for more info.
 Not Implemented Yet
-* Plugin system
-    The plugin system is not implemented yet. It will be implemented, but it
-    will be definitly _not_ compatible with Jekyll. Jekyll plugins are written
-    in Ruby, but Obraz is written in Python. The plugin API is not yet
-    developed, although it's not hard to re-use the internal modularity of Obraz
-    for a plugin system.
 * Categories of posts
 * Jekyll-compatible plugin system
-    There are plans to implement a plugin system, but it will be _not_
-    complatible with Jekyll (Python vs Ruby).
+    The plugin system of Obraz will never be compatible with Jekyll (Python vs
+    Ruby).
 * Built-in web server
+  [5]:
+  [6]: