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 Some scripts to deal with PDF files:
-=== edit-pdf-desc ==
+=== edit-pdf-desc ===
 A simple GUI tool to edit PDF metadata (Subject, Author, Keywords etc.).
 Source: [[|]]
 **Usage**: {{{ filename.pdf}}}
+=== pdf-trim-to-djvu ===
+Shell script to rasterize a range of PDF pages, trim their margins (crop pages), and compress the result as DjVu.
+Requirements: pdftoppm, DjVuLibre (c44, djvm, cjb2), ImageMagick.
+Source: [[|pdf-trim-to-djvu]]
+Usage: pdf-trim-to-djvu [options] document.pdf
+ -f <int>   the fist page to process [default: 1]
+ -t <int>   the last page to process
+ -d <int>   resolution in DPI [default: 300]
+ --mono     bitonal compression (black and white only) [default]
+ --color    DjVuPhoto compression (color and grayscale images) 
+ -h|--help  print this message