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update README and docstring: how to get a non-aligned output

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 flushed to the left.
 You can override the default alignment with ``numalign`` and
-``stralign`` named arguments. Possible column alignments are: ``right``,
-``center``, ``left``, ``decimal`` (only for numbers).
+``stralign`` named arguments. Possible column alignments are:
+``right``, ``center``, ``left``, ``decimal`` (only for numbers), and
+``None`` (to disable alignment).
 Aligning by a decimal point works best when you need to compare
 numbers at a glance::
 Version history
+- 0.7.1: Bug fixes. ``tsv`` format. Column alignment can be disabled.
 - 0.7: ``latex`` tables. Printing lists of named tuples and NumPy
   record arrays. Fix printing date and time values. Python <= 2.6.4 is supported.
 - 0.6: ``mediawiki`` tables, bug fixes
     the values properly. By default it aligns decimal points of the
     numbers (or flushes integer numbers to the right), and flushes
     everything else to the left. Possible column alignments
-    (`numalign`, `stralign`) are: right, center, left, decimal (only
-    for `numalign`).
+    (`numalign`, `stralign`) are: "right", "center", "left", "decimal"
+    (only for `numalign`), and None (to disable alignment).
     Table formats