Allow for output without additional space padding

Sergey Astanin avatarSergey Astanin created an issue

This could be especially useful for TSV and other simple_separated_formats if their output is intended for automatic processing.


  • tabulate can be used as a unified output library for human-readable formatting and for machine-readable output


  • many formats may be useful in aligned and in non-aligned forms ("plain", "pipe", "mediawiki", "latex", TSV/CSV); some are useful only aligned
  • introducing new built-in formats which produce only unaligned output (or produce unaligned output by default), goes against the principal purpose of tabulate to generate a human readable representation
  • additional whitespace


  • keep all formats aligned by default
  • make alignment and padding optional
  • avoid introducing new parameters/function arguments if possible

Work in progress: feature/unaligned-formats branch. See also discussion in pull request #6.

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