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+Version 0.0.1 “T-Shirt”
 A cyber-anarchist e-library directory based on [FUSE][fuse] virtual file system.
 It is intended to work with [FB2][fb2] e-book archives in the first place.
         (to unmount use `fusermount -u path/to/mount/point`)
+Please see the [Wiki][wiki] for further information.
 About the name
+* Rewrite LibZip bindings without c2hs to make thing buildable on GHC >= 6.12
+* Shorten books' filenames for compatibility with legacy file systems (FAT)
+* Web interface (instead or in addition to FUSE-fs)
+* Indexer (snus) should be able to update the index (not only add new archives)
+* Indexer (snus) should be able to index also usual directories (not archives)
+* E-book formats other than FB2 to be supported (ePub? FB3? Mobipocket?)
+* Fix #1
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