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Update synopsis, description, add extra copyright.

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 {-# LANGUAGE TypeSynonymInstances, MultiParamTypeClasses, FunctionalDependencies #-}
 -- Copyright (c) William Tennien Murphy 2011
+-- Copyright (c) Sergey Astanin 2012
 module TextPlot

File textPlot.cabal

 Name:                textPlot
 Version:             0.2
-Synopsis:            Graphs functions as lines of text
-Description:         Graphs standard, parametric, and polar functions and plots them into text files or prints them. One creates a standard, polar, or parametric plot with boundaries, dimensions and possible functions. One may add functions to any plot.
+Synopsis:            Plot functions in text.
+Description:         Graph plots of y(x), parametric (x(t),y(t)),
+		     and polar r(phi) functions with ASCII text.
 Category:            Charts
 License:             BSD3
 Author:              William Tennien Murphy