uligo-l10n /

Diff from to
 import time
 import math
 import os
+import gettext
+_ = gettext.gettext
 class Clock(Canvas):
     """ This is a simple stop watch displayed on a Tkinter canvas.
             Does not work while the clock is running. """
         if not self.running:
             window = Toplevel()
-            window.title("Change time settings")
-            sc = Scale(window, label='Pick time in seconds (0=off)', length=300,
+            window.title(_('Change time settings'))
+            sc = Scale(window, label=_('Pick time in seconds (0=off)'), length=300,
                        variable = self.maxTime, from_=0, to = 480,
                        tickinterval = 60, showvalue=YES, orient='horizontal')
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