Martijn Pieters committed 1881565

Update use of ui.prompt.

choices is now a sequence of options, allowing GUIs to generate more verbose

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         if resp_file[0] is not None:
             return resp_file[0]
         while True:
-            r = (ui.prompt(query + _(' [Ynsfdaq?] '), '(?i)[Ynsfdaq?]?$')
+            choices = (_('&Yes, shelve this change'),
+                    _('&No, skip this change'),
+                    _('&Skip remaining changes to this file'),
+                    _('Shelve remaining changes to this &file'),
+                    _('&Done, skip remaining changes and files'),
+                    _('Shelve &all changes to all remaining files'),
+                    _('&Quit, shelving no changes'),
+                    _('&?'))
+            r = (ui.prompt(query + _(' [Ynsfdaq?] '), choices)
                  or 'y').lower()
             if r == '?':
                 c = shelve.__doc__.find('y - shelve this change')
     '''interactively select changes to set aside
     If a list of files is omitted, all changes reported by "hg status"
-    will be candidates for shelveing.
+    will be candidates for shelving.
     You will be prompted for whether to shelve changes to each
     modified file, and for files with multiple changes, for each
     d - done, skip remaining changes and files
     a - shelve all changes to all remaining files
-    q - quit, shelveing no changes
+    q - quit, shelving no changes
     ? - display help'''