Leah Hanson  committed 2cc37ce

picked out where to move the start/stop watching to in parse_command

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File HaikuDropbox.cpp

-#include <stdio.h>
+jinclude <stdio.h>
 #include <stdlib.h>
 #include <sys/wait.h>
 #include <errno.h>
   if(command.Compare("RESET\n") == 0)
     printf("Burn Everything. 8D\n");
+    //TODO stop watching directory
     BDirectory dir = BDirectory(local_path_string);
     BString str = BString("/"); //create_local_path wants a remote path 
+    //TODO start watching directory
   else if(command.Compare("FILE ",5) == 0)
     command.CopyInto(path,5,last_space - 5);
+    //TODO stop watching last existing dir
+    //TODO start watching last pre-existing and all new dirs
     printf("create a file at |%s|\n",path.String());
     char *argv[3];
     argv[2] = not_const2;
+    //TODO stop watching last folder
     BString * b = run_python_script(argv,3);
     delete b;
+    //TODO start watching last folder and new file
     BString parent_rev;
     command.CopyInto(parent_rev,last_space + 1, command.CountChars() - (last_space+1));
     BNode node = BNode(db_to_local_filepath(path.String()).String());
     command.CopyInto(path,7,command.FindLast(" ") - 7);
     printf("create a folder at |%s|\n", path.String());
+    //TODO stop watching last existing folder in path
+    //TODO start watching last existing folder and all new dirs in path
   else if(command.Compare("REMOVE ",7) == 0)
     const char * pathstr = db_to_local_filepath(path.String()).String();
     printf("Remove whatever is at |%s|\n", pathstr);
     BEntry entry = BEntry(pathstr);
+    //TODO stop watching target file and containing folder
     status_t err = entry.Remove();
+    //TODO start watching containing folder again
     if(err != B_OK)
       printf("Removal error: %s\n", strerror(err));
     case MY_DELTA_CONST:
       printf("Pulling changes from Dropbox\n");
+      //TODO remove overall stop_watching because we're gonna do finer-grained ones
       status_t err = stop_watching(be_app_messenger);
       if(err != B_OK) printf("stop_watch error: %s\n",strerror(err));
+      //TODO remove overal start_watching because we're going to do finer-grained stuff
       BDirectory dir = BDirectory(local_path_string);
           case B_ENTRY_CREATED:
-            printf("CREATED FILE\n");
+            printf("CREATED FILE\n")n;
             entry_ref ref;
             BPath path;
             const char * name;