jsprobes-patches / add-configure-moz-jsflags-option

# HG changeset patch
# Parent f4049f65efc6e367c54643ad7c66b3e81e24bac5
Add the MOZ_JSPROBES guard to configure.in

diff --git a/js/src/configure.in b/js/src/configure.in
--- a/js/src/configure.in
+++ b/js/src/configure.in
@@ -2012,16 +2012,28 @@ dnl ====================================
 dnl = Use profiling compile flags
 dnl ========================================================
 [  --enable-profiling      Set compile flags necessary for using sampling profilers (e.g. shark, perf)],
 dnl ========================================================
+dnl = Enable jsprobes instrumentation points and handlers.
+dnl ========================================================
+[  --enable-jsprobes       Set compile flags necessary to add static probe instrumentation points and support for JavaScript probe handlers],
+if test -n "$MOZ_JSPROBES"; then
+dnl ========================================================
 dnl System overrides of the defaults for host
 dnl ========================================================
 case "$host" in
     # we need Python 2.5 on Windows
     if test -n "$_WIN32_MSVC"; then
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