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Flake8 is just a merge of the PyFlakes and the pep8 projects into one single script.

It runs both tests by launching the single 'flake8' script, but ignores pep8 options and just uses its defaults.

It also adds a few features:

  • lines that contains a "# NOQA" comment at the end will not issue a warning
  • merging pep8 and pyflakes options
  • a Mercurial hook
  • more things to come..

Original projects:

Mercurial hook

To use the Mercurial hook on any commit or qrefresh, change your .hg/rc file like this:

commit = python:flake8.hg_hook
qrefresh = python:flake8.hg_hook

strict = 0

If strict option is set to 1, any warning will block the commit. When strict is set to 0, warnings are just displayed in the standard output.