love-mount / tests / basic-automount-at / main.lua

function love.load()
	local found = false

	-- automount should have mounted '' for us,
	-- so lets go through all files
	print("Top level files:")
	for k, file in ipairs(love.filesystem.enumerate("/")) do
		print("found file \"" .. file .. "\"")
		if file == "addons" then
			found = true
	if not found then
		print("Mounting of archive somehow failed!")
		return love.event.quit()
		print("The message from mounted archive: ""addons/TextFile.txt"))

	print("Now I'm going to save some kittens by proving you can't umount an automounted archive!")
	local code, msg = pcall(love.filesystem.umount, "")
	if code == false then
		print("Umount succeeded when it should have failed! Hopefully it didn't kill any kittens...")

	return love.event.quit()
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