Arrow Key Repurpose

A small simple plugin for repurposing the arrow keys in Vim. Taken from some blog somewhere, which was in turn taken from an older version of this page on the vim wiki, then modified by myself for my own purposes.

This plugin is mostly for shifting your text around. Up and down move the current line thusly by adding and removing empty lines from above it, and shift plus up and down will add and remove empty lines below. Right and left unifies Vim's built-in mappings for indenting and unindenting in normal, visual, and insert mode.

It is important to note that I still keep my hands on the home row, even while using these mappings, by use of a Windows program called touchcursor.


There are currently two recommended ways to install this plugin, though other plugin managers are likely easily adapted:


Navigate to your bundle directory. By default, this will be something like “~/.vim/bundle”.

Then run the command:

“hg clone”

(minus the quotes)


Add this line to your vimrc (minus the quotes), under the conditions described by the NeoBundle documentation:

“NeoBundle 'bb:atimholt/ArrowKeyRepurpose', {'type': 'hg'}”