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Golfed the drill example to fit into a tweet

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 $ ./ ../music/BillieJean.mp3
-> beats.that(overlap_starts_of(segments.that(have_pitch_max(analysis.key['value']))))
+> tatums.that(fall_on_the(1))
 > play
 > save bj.mp3
 > load ../music/aha.mp3

File examples.txt

-# the following one-liners will hopefully get you started
+# the following one-liners will hopefully get you started.
+# the first five are condensed (and in some cases slightly simplified)
+# versions of standard examples
 # one/
 [aql(segments.ordered_by(timbre_value(a),descending=1)[:16]*2) for a in range(12)]
 # drill baby, drill
-[aql([aq(a+b/40.,b*pow(c/40.0,2),source=segments.source) for a,b,c in zip([bars[d].start]*18,[bars[d].duration]*18,range(18))]) for d,e in enumerate(bars)]
+[aql([aq(e.start,e.duration*pow(c/40.,2),source=segments.source) for c in range(16+d%4)]) for d,e in enumerate(bars)]