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  - Initial version
+ - Added support for multiple artists on a track 
+ - Added caching support
+ - Bug fixes
 >>> print track["result"]["artist"]["name"], "-", track["result"]["name"] 
 Kings Of Leon - Closer
+For anything but the simples use-cases one should use caching.
+Caching is enabled by making a Metadata instance and passing it
+something that is a mapping type. For instance a dictionary:
+>>> metacache = {}
+>>> metadata = spotimeta.Metadata(cache=metacache)
+The metadata instance has exactly the same methods as the module itself.
+Caching happens automatically as long as there is a cache object set.
+>>> data = metadata.lookup("spotify:track:3kofFW93aMr28qx1BKps7A")
+>>> data = metadata.lookup("spotify:track:3kofFW93aMr28qx1BKps7A")
+This will only cause a single request. Data is cached for as long
+as the Expiry header on the first request says it should.
 - Sphinxify docs
-- Implement the caching
-- Deal with expire headers etc.
 - Testcases for search, not just search parser
 - Deal with all the fixmes
 requests, please report them in the project site issue tracker. Patches 
 very welcome.
+Also, see AUTHORS file for full list of contributors


 """"Library for querying the Spotify metadata service"""
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