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Publish Pro - Share Page - Link & Mail

This is documentation for Publish Pro - Share Page - Link & Mail cloud addon.


Publish Pro addon allows sharing Confluence page with other users.

Idea of sharing is based on creating public (available for every one), unique links to your page.

Links are based on UUID, very unique and almost impossible to guess.

How unique UUID link is? You can read more here (stackoverflow)


Open share options on page right context menu:


Create link to your page.


Url can have multiple options:

  1. Allow comments - if checked users are allowed to add comments which will be visible on confluence page,

  2. Share attachments - page attachments if exists will be available on shared page,

  3. Show child pages - child pages if exists will be available on shared page,

  4. Show page labels - page labels if exists will be available on shared page,

  5. Show page comments - page comments if exists will be available on shared page,

  6. Shared link expiration - shared link will be available only before entered expiration date,

  7. Protect with password - link could be protected with password.

Shared link configuration parameters are unique.

When user attempts to create same as already exists, notification is displayed and existing shared link is selected.


Shared page links could be send to anyone by email.

Email subject and beginning of the message could be customized.


Message contains information about sender and details of shared link configuration:

  • link to shared page,

  • expiration date if given,

  • password if given.




You have control over shared pages, they are all viewed in a list.

Each link could be easily selected, copied, deleted or send to anyone by email.


Page is viewed in rich html format.



Page could be shared with option which allows users to add comments. To add new comment click on 'Add comment' field.


Fill in your name, email address (not needed) and comment you want to add.