Atlassian developer documentation

This repository contains content for (DAC). Content is written in Markdown
and using the OpenAPI Specification (formerly known
as Swagger).


Pull requests, issues, and comments welcome. For pull requests:

  • Follow the existing style. See Voice and tone for guidance.
  • Separate unrelated changes into multiple pull requests.

For bigger changes, make sure you start a discussion first by creating
an issue and explaining the intended change.

Atlassian requires contributors to sign a Contributor License Agreement, known as a CLA. This serves
as a record stating that the contributor is entitled to contribute the code, documentation, or
translation to the project and is willing to have it used in distributions and derivative works
(or is willing to transfer ownership).

You will be asked to sign the CLA during the process of creating your pull request.

Atlassian contributions

In addition to the guidance above, follow all guidelines in the
Writing toolkit.

You can preview your changes as you make them by following
this guide.

Note that the Writing toolkit is restricted to Atlassian employees, and you will need to log in
with your Atlassian email address to access it.


Copyright (c) 2016-2018 Atlassian and others.
Apache 2.0 licensed, see LICENSE.txt file.