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Agent-Smith and Wallboard

Agent-Smith and Wallboard is a plugin for Bamboo CI. Agent-Smith provides various statistics on the agents currently running on a Bamboo instance:

  • Agents currently running (or idling)
  • Usage of elastic agents (EC2 agents)
  • Current cost due to the elastic agents
  • Status of the build queue

Access through the Wallboard

Those statistics are available through a Wallboard on


Wallboard Screenshot


Agent-Smith's behaviour can be modified with some parameters.

  • secondsBeforeNextRefresh allows to set the amount of time between each refresh of the screen (defaults to 15secs)
  • minutesBeforeQueueItemOverdue allows to set the amount of time after which a queued item is considered as overdue and is displayed in red.

Sending data to other data service, e.g. graphite

Agent-Smith also uses the Bamboo Graphite Connector to send the statistics of agents to a Graphite instance. You need to install the Bamboo Graphite Connector plugin to do it.