Samuel Le Berrigaud -=[Atlassian]=- committed 7a714dd

- Updated pom configuration to run apps using AMPS (atlassian-plugin-sdk)
- Fixed regressions on JIRA legacy plugin
- Added applinks-jira-common to the package
- Made some of the applinks-jira-plugin components public…

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-                    <version>3.0-beta1</version>
+                    <version>3.0-beta3</version>
                         <!--  TODO, enable manifest validation -->
-            <version>${sal.version}</version>
+            <version>${applinks.sal.version}</version>
-        <sal.version>2.0.0</sal.version>
+        <applinks.sal.version>2.0.12</applinks.sal.version>
-        <bamboo.version>2.3-m6</bamboo.version>
+        <bamboo.version>2.3.1</bamboo.version>
-        <jira.legacy.version>3.13</jira.legacy.version>
+        <jira.legacy.version>3.13.5</jira.legacy.version>
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