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Some private branches were archived to during the migration from svn to git.

Quick guide for testing.

1) If you want to run the full integration test suite, run mvn clean install -Pit

2) Or if you want to run tests isolation, kick off a couple of instances of refapp using the command:  mvn amps:debug -DtestGroup=refapp_refapp
   This will take a little time to start, but will allow you to run single tests from command line or IDE.

3) This will create a file called in the target directory.

4) If running from IDE, say Intellij, you need to add the vm args should in the target/ to the run configuration.
    For example, -Dhttp.jira.port=5993 -Dcontext.refapp2.path=/refapp -Dcontext.refapp1.path=refapp -Dcontext.jira1.path=/jira -Dhttp.refapp2.port=5992 -Dhttp.refapp1.port=5990
   Same things goes from command line.

5) You can also point the debugger at refapp1 on 5001, and refapp2 on 5002.