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A command line utility for the atlassian-connect-express library. atlas-connect makes it easy to create Atlassian Connect based add-ons for Bitbucket, Confluence, HipChat, and JIRA.

Make sure you have Node 4.5.0 or later installed on your machine.

You can install me with:

npm i -g atlas-connect


atlas-connect provides scaffolding for add-ons that use atlassian-connect-express. To get started, simply run:

$> atlas-connect new

The generated scaffold bundles the atlassian-connect-express package which greatly simplifies the process of creating remote add-ons.

Getting Help or Support

You can learn more about Atlassian Connect via the Atlassian Connect documentation or report issues in the Atlassian Connect Express project.


Even though this is just an exploratory project at this point, it's also open source Apache 2.0. So, please feel free to fork and send us pull requests.

Release process

Pre-requisites: be an owner of https://npmjs.org/package/atlassian-connect

  1. npm version 1.2.3
  2. npm publish