Atlaskit starter

This is a basic app which includes some Atlaskit components, built on top of create-react-app. You can use this as a starting point for your next ADG3-themed project.

A live demo is available at

Getting started

Please make sure you have node and yarn installed in your system.

Please run the following commands to clone the project, install dependencies and start the application.

git clone   # clone the project
yarn install  # install dependencies
yarn start  # start the project

Using more Atlaskit components

This repo ships with some of the Atlaskit components such as @atlaskit/navigation and @atlaskit/avatar.

You can add other components (listed at to your project. To see an exmaple in order to add button in your project run:

yarn add @atlaskit/button

Then in the relevant React component file (e.g. src/App.jsx) do the following:

import Button from '@atlaskit/button';

// ...

render() {
    <Button>My button text</Button>

Want some help?

This repository is helpful for people using Atlaskit + React for the first time. If you find a bug or require an improvement, please report it:

If you are an Atlassian employee please use this link to raise the ticket and mention 'Atlaskit-starter' as component in the issue.

If you are an external contributor please click here to raise an issue in atlaskit-mk-2 repository and mention 'Atlaskit-starter' as component in the issue.