Atlassian Data Center Azure Templates


This repository contains Azure ARM templates to install the following Atlassian Data Center products:

  1. BitBucket Data Center
  2. Confluence Data Center
  3. Jira Software Data Center
  4. Jira Service Desk Data Center

Key Features

These templates will be utilise Azure Cloud features to create a resilient and scaleable solution:

  • Only Azure "managed" features/functionality used to provide scaleablity, monitoring and backup/recovery features "out of the box."
  • Secure solution - security and accessibility principles/rules applied to ensure all customer data is protected.
  • Optional SSL and CNAME/domain name support.
  • Advanced monitoring with integrated Azure Application Insights, Azure Monitor.
  • Advanced analytics with integrated Azure Application Insights, Azure SQL Analytics, Azure Gateway Analytics.
  • Log collection/aggregation.
  • Choice of Azure SQL DB or Postgres databases.
  • Choice of supplying existing Azure SQL DB or Postgres database.
  • Integrated Azure Accelerated Networking for enhanced cluster performance.
  • Recommended HW/cluster sizing or fully configurable HW options.

Azure Architecture

Further information on the Atlassian Azure solution, features, install options, FAQs etc can be found at our Support Page


Each Atlassian application folder contains specific instructions on how to deploy the individual application so always check there first. As well as this repository, the Atlassian apps can also be found on the Azure Marketplace.

Jumpbox SSH Key Parameter

However, for all apps, you'll always need to specify a jumpboxSshKey parameter in order to be able to connect (via SSH) to the jumpbox/bastion node (and then onto the Cluster nodes). This key is your device's SSH public key (normally found at ~/.ssh/ Cut/paste this value into the jumpboxSshKey parameter like so:

        "parameters": {
                "value": "ssh-rsa AAAAo2D7KUiFoodDCJ4VhimXqG..."


Please see the development options or for more information on how you can use the update/develop the templates.


Pull requests, issues and comments welcome. For pull requests:

  • Add tests for new features and bug fixes
  • Follow the existing style
  • Separate unrelated changes into multiple pull requests

See the existing issues for things to start contributing.

For bigger changes, make sure you start a discussion first by creating an issue and explaining the intended change.

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