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Atlassian Browsers


This is a small Java library that allows mavenized projects to automatically pick up appropriate browser artifacts (Chrome, Firefox, PhantomJS) depending on the local operating system and architecture.


Obtaining a browser artifact


Upgrading to the latest browsers

  1. Check the latest version of the browser:
  1. Run scripts/update-browser.sh for given version/OS combination, to get and package (and optionally deploy) the browser binaries. Run scripts/update-browser.sh -help for details.

    example: $ ./update-browser.sh chrome osx 36

  2. Run scripts/update-<browser>-profile.sh to get and package (and optionally deploy) the browser profile. Run scripts/update-<browser>-profile.sh -help for details.

    example: $ ./update-chrome-profile.sh 2.12 osx

  3. Repeat for all browsers you want to deploy.

  4. Update properties in the main pom.xml to upgrade to the newly deployed versions: