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Atlassian Plugins


The plugin framework supports several types of plugins, including OSGi-based plugins. OSGi is a dynamic module system for Java that the framework uses to enable plugins to depend on each other and more easily share services. Because the plugin framework supports multiple versions of plugins simultaneously, legacy plugins or those built into the application can exist side-by-side with newer dynamic plugins that leverage the plugin-sharing benefits of OSGi.

Atlassian Developer?

Committing Guidelines

Please see the following guide for committing to this module. The main active branches are

  • atlassian-plugins-3.0.x: Bug fixes for current product usage of plugin. Topic branches here should be prefixed with issue-3.0/.
  • atlassian-plugins-3.2.x: New features for the next backwards compatible release of plugins. Topic branches here should be prefixed with issue-3.2/.
  • master: New features and breaking changes working towards plugins 4.0. Topic branches here should be prefixed with issue/.


The Bamboo builds for this project are on BEAC

Integration Testing

Any tests under the it package must be run in the integration-test maven phase.

External User?


Please raise any issues you find with this module in JIRA


Plugin Framework Documentation

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