Atlassian Webresources


A framework for Atlassian plugins to manage Javascript and CSS resources provided by plugins. The framework allows for plugins to declare web resources, bind them to contexts in applications, and set up dependencies so that requiring one resource will also pull in all its dependencies.

Batching of related resources into a single download is also provided.

JavaScript unit testing

The atlassian-plugins-webresource-plugin submodule uses karma for javascript unit testing. This requires npm.

The maven build shells out to invoke npm install and npm test to run the tests. You must have npm installed to do this.

To run tests in watch mode while developing:

  • ensure you have invoked: npm install,
  • then run karma: ./node_modules/.bin/karma start

Committing Guidelines

Please see The Platform Rules of Engagement (go/proe) for committing to this module.


The Bamboo builds for this project are on EcoBAC.


Please raise any issues you find with this module in JIRA.