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This projects delivers a CLI for processing soy using the bundled Atlassian soy functions. It can be used to render soy, or to compile to js.

The CLI requires JDK 1.8, as does the rest of the project.

The CLI accepts the following options:

java -jar atlassian-soy-support.jar
    --type [render|js]
    --basedir basedir
    --glob glob
    --outdir outdir
    [--i18n i18nFile]
    [--outputExtension outputExtension]
    [--rootNamespace rootNamespace]
    [--dependencies dependencies]
    [--data data]
    [--functions function1.jar function2.jar...]


  • type must be "render" to render the template or "js" to compile the template to js.
  • basedir and glob are the directory and glob pattern containing the files to render or compile.
  • For the renderer, this will render one template per file, which is the path of the file relative to basedir. For example, a file in basedir/a/ will attempt to render the template a.b in the file a/
  • For the compiler, this compiles all of the matches templates to javascript.
  • outdir is the directory to output rendered / compiled files to. The files will be delivered matching the location of the location of files under basedir.
  • i18nFile is the glob for files containing i18n values represented by the AJS.getText() function. The glob searches under the value of basedir This is required if the templates contain the AJS.getText() function.
  • outputExtension is the extension given to the rendered files.
  • rootNamespace (type=render only) is the root namespace of the templates to render.
  • dependencies (type=render only) is a collection of locations of dependencies for the rendered files. This param is in the format dir1:glob1,dir2:glob2,... where dir is the base dir of a dependency and glob is a glob matching files to find.
  • data (type=render only) is a map of data to pass to the soy renderer, in the form key1:value1,key2:value2,....

Providing custom soy functions

Custom soy functions are loaded by a ServiceLoader. Your custom functions can be packaged into a jar with a META-INF/services/ file enumerating each custom function's FQCN. Adding this jar to the classpath when invoking the CLI will ensure that they are included when rendering or compiling.