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+# Activity Streams
+## Description
+An activity stream is a list of events, displayed to a user in an attractive and interactive interface. They are usually recent activities by the current user and other people using the same social site(s) or system(s).
+An example is the [Activity Stream gadget]( used on JIRA dashboards.
+## Atlassian Developer?
+### Committing Guidelines
+Please see [the following guide]( for committing to this module.
+### Builds
+The Bamboo builds for this project are on [BEAC](
+## External User?
+### Issues
+Please raise any issues you find with this module in [JIRA](
+### Documentation
+[Activity Streams Third Party Developer Documentation](
+[Activity Streams Developer Documentation](

File aggregator-plugin/src/main/resources/js/activity-streams-parent.js

                 // additional level of encoding for spaces because otherwise the spaces
             	// will be mistaken for value delimiters (STRM-1857); escape space as "_"
             	// and escape any existing "_" as "\_"
-                encodedValues.push(value[i].replace(/\+/g, "\\_").replace(/ /g, "_"));
+                encodedValues.push(value[i].replace(/_/g, "\\_").replace(/ /g, "_"));
             value = encodedValues.join(' ');

File ui-tests/src/test/java/it/com/atlassian/streams/uitests/

 import static com.atlassian.streams.testing.UiTestGroups.MULTI;
 import static org.hamcrest.MatcherAssert.assertThat;
+import static org.hamcrest.Matchers.containsString;
+import static;
-public class AuthenticationForActivityStreamsTest {
+public class AuthenticationForActivityStreamsTest
     private static final String USER_PROFILE_PAGE_URL = "/secure/ViewProfile.jspa";
     private final String AUTHENTICATION_MESSAGE = "Additional information may be available, please authenticate for more information";
     private JiraViewProfilePage pageUnderTest;
-    public void goToViewProfilePage() {
+    public void goToViewProfilePage()
+    {
         JiraTestedProduct product = TestedProductFactory.create(JiraTestedProduct.class, "jira-applinks-oauth", null);
         product.gotoLoginPage().login("user", "user", DashboardPage.class);
-    public void assertThatAuthenticationMessagesAreShown() {
+    public void assertThatAuthenticationMessagesAreShown()
+    {
         JiraProfileActivityStream activityStream = pageUnderTest.activityStreamView();
         assertThat(activityStream.getAuthenticationMessage(), containsString(AUTHENTICATION_MESSAGE));