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general purpose concurrency utilities

This project contains utility classes that are used by various products and projects inside Atlassian and may have some utility to the world at large. These are designed to help make it easier to write concurrent code correctly, and generally encapsulate correct usage inside the utility classes.

Included are lazy references, copy-on-write maps, latches, promises, some AtomicX extensions and an asynchronous completion service.

There is more documentation on the wiki.

Issue Tracking

Issues are tracked here

Recent activity

Jed Wesley-Smith

Jed Wesley-Smith pushed 3 commits to atlassian/atlassian-util-concurrent

7b8e4d7 - checking identity of the Futures returned by a CompletionService against ones returned from submit is now opt-in – see Builder.checkCompletionServiceFutureIdentity()
a05d426 - fixed compiler warnings
32e5003 - fix the signature of flatMap to be covariant in the return type of the Function argument
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