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[AUI-4050] Remove packages that are avialable through AUI dependency
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AUI-4420: Get rid of the Bower
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Sync dotfiles with aui repo.
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chore: update linted directories.
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chore: most of the codebase follows 1tbs; let's not kid ourselves.
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Introduce end-of-line normalisation
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chore: ignore folders that have future relevance.
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AUI-3972 Make aui-adg depend on aui via npm to fix its UMD distribution.
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AUI-4420: Get rid of the Bower
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AUI-4420, AUI-4437 - Migrate to using Yarn for mostly everything. Always resolve pacakges from the public registry.
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chore(build): Update the documentation and build scripts to elicit and test environment requirements before scripts run.
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AUI-4866 - Bump docker image. Parallelise bitbucket pipelines tests.
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AUI-4434 - The next version of AUI is released under the Atlassian Developer Terms license.
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AUI-1888: Make AUI plugin transformless
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AUI-4866 - Bump docker image. Parallelise bitbucket pipelines tests.
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chore: update changelog for release.
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refactor: use multi-line YAML strings in docker-compose commands
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chore: fix the eslintrc files' scoping of environment and globals.
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5.7.x seems to require mvn 3.0.5.
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Prepare for 7.9.10-SNAPSHOT.
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refactor: inject AUI's version via gulp and webpack only.

AUI - Atlassian UI

A set of components for building user interfaces in Atlassian products and services.


Thorough documentation is available at the AUI website.



  • Chrome latest stable
  • Firefox latest stable
  • Safari latest stable (on OS X only)
  • IE 11+

How do you get it?

Consuming the AUI library is supported through a few methods:

Install as a Node package

AUI is released to Install it through your favourite package manager:

npm install @atlassian/aui yarn add @atlassian/aui

In the Node package, you will find:

  • dist/ contains pre-compiled javascript and css. This is the simplest way to use AUI.

  • lib/ contains individual AUI components. Use a CommonJS or AMD loader to load each component as your application needs.

  • src/ contains the raw JavaScript and LESS sources. It's unlikely you'll require these directly.

Install as an Atlassian plugin

AUI can be used as an Atlassian P2 plugin. This plugin requires Spring Scanner 2 to be available in the runtime it is installed in.

All Atlassian Server products come with AUI pre-installed, so you don't need to do much to re-use it in your plugin.

Each AUI component has a web-resource key you can include it by. Consult each component's documentation on the AUI website for the key.

Download the distribution

AUI distributions are released as a zip file called the aui-flat-pack, hosted through Atlassian's Maven nexus. Note that this is equivalent to the dist/ folder available in the Node package.

Consume through a CDN

Use of AUI is not officially supported through a Content Delivery Network (CDN). However, because AUI is published to, the AUI distributions are also published through some public CDN services such as:

Raising issues

Raise bugs or feature requests in the AUI project.


AUI is an Atlassian Developer Asset and is released under the Atlassian Developer Terms license. Some assets are released under the Atlassian Design Guidelines (ADG) license. See the licenses directory for information about AUI, ADG, and included libraries.