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AUI - Atlassian UI

The Atlassian User Interface library.

Sauce Test Status


Install via npm:

npm install @atlassian/aui

In the npm package:

  • dist/ contains pre-compiled javascript and css. This is the simplest way to use AUI.

  • lib/ contains individual AUI components. Use a CommonJS or AMD loader to load each component as your application needs.

  • src/ contains the es6 (babel) and LESS sources. It's unlikely you'll require these directly.

Install via bower:

bower install

Or use our CDN.


Thorough documentation is available at the AUI website.

Developing AUI


  • Java 1.7 - for building the soy templates.
  • Node 0.12+
  • npm


npm install takes care of everything for you.

npm install

To build the distribution:

npm run dist

To build the UMD files:

npm run umd

Unit tests

Although we encourage you write your tests first, then your code, you can test your changes in a couple areas.

We use Karma for running our unit tests.

To run tests once:

npm test

To run test matching a pattern so you don't have to run all of them:

npm test -- --grep [pattern]

To run tests in watch mode so that they automatically re-run after editing a file:

npm test -- --watch

To run a single describe block in TDD mode, use describe.only

If you're developing a specific feature or fixing a bug it's helpful to combine these:

npm test -- -wg aui/select

If you want to run the tests in different browsers, you can comma separate them:

npm test -- -b Chrome,Firefox

Additionally there's a special value you can pass as -b that will run the tests in all available browsers:

npm test -- -b all

Visual tests

We have a reference application called the flatapp. We use this to visualise our changes during development and testing.

To build the flatapp and run a server:

npm run flatapp

To watch for changes in source files and automatically update the files being served:

npm run flatapp -- --watch

By default this will open up a page at It will automatically live-reload. To customise this you can specify a host and port:

npm run flatapp -- --host localhost --port 80

Git hooks

To set up git hooks run npm run setuphooks.


To build the docs and run a server:

npm run docs

To watch for changes in source files and automatically update the files being served:

npm run docs -- --watch

By default this will open up a page at It will automatically live-reload. To customise this you can specify a host and port:

npm run docs -- --host localhost --port 80


To see a list of the commands:

npm run

To see the help for a specific command pass --help to it.

How do you get it?

AUI distributions are released to the aui-dist repo on Bitbucket.

Additional documentation

Raising issues

Raise bugs or feature requests in the AUI project.


Contributions to AUI are via pull request.

  • Create an issue in the AUI project. Creating an issue is a good place to talk the AUI team about whether anyone else is working on the same issue, what the best fix is, and if this is a new feature, whether it belongs in AUI. If you don't create an issue, we'll ask you to create one when you issue the PR and retag your commits with the issue key.
  • If you have write access to the AUI repo (ie if you work at Atlassian), you can create branches in the main AUI repo - name your branch as {issue-key}-{description}, eg AUI-1337-fix-the-contributor-guide. If you don't have write access, please fork AUI and issue a PR.
  • Ensure all commits are tagged with the issue key (AUI-1337 fixes to contributor guide).
  • Write tests. Unit tests are preferred over integration tests.
  • Most PRs will go into master, however you might want them to go into a stable branch. If so, set the target branch as the stable branch and the AUI team will manage merging stable into master after the PR is through.


AUI supports the following browsers:

  • Chrome latest stable
  • Firefox latest stable
  • Safari latest stable (on OS X only)
  • IE 10+ / MS Edge


AUI is released under the Apache 2 license. See the licenses directory for information about AUI and included libraries.