bamboo-graphite-connector is a plugin for Bamboo CI. It provides APIs to send statistics of bamboo to a graphite server.

Configure graphite server connection information on bamboo

  1. Install the plugin and navigate to http://BAMBOO_INSTANCE/CONTEXT_PATH/admin/configureGraphiteConnector.action
  2. Uncheck "Disable sending data to Graphite" and specify graphite server and port.
  3. Save your configuration.

Send data to graphite.

After configuring the connection, you can

Import GraphiteConnector component in your plugin's atlassian-plugin.xml.

<component-import key="graphiteConnector" name="Using Graphite Connector Service">

Inject GraphiteConnector into your bean and begin to send data.

public class MyClass 
    private final GraphiteConnector graphiteConnector;

    public GraphiteServiceImpl(GraphiteConnector graphiteConnector)
        this.graphiteConnector = graphiteConnector;

    public void reportToGraphite() {"Sending the current metrics to Graphite.");
        GraphiteConnectorBulkSender bulkSender = graphiteConnector.getBulkSender();

        bulkSender.write(PATH_IN_GRAPHITE, "key1", "value1", timestamp);
        bulkSender.write(PATH_IN_GRAPHITE, "key2", "value2", timestamp);

        int sentCount = bulkSender.send();
        // Alternatively you can use following code to send data one by one which is quite
        // ineffecient by causing network traffic for every single piece of data
        // graphiteConnector.write(PATH_IN_GRAPHITE, "key1", "value1", timestamp);
        // graphiteConnector.write(PATH_IN_GRAPHITE, "key1", "value1", timestamp);

        logger.debug("Successfully sent {} metrics to Graphite.", sentCount);