Atlassian Bamboo Tomcat Plugin

The Atlassian Bamboo Tomcat Plugin adds Tasks for continuous deployment and continuous integration for Tomcat.
The plugin supports deploying, undeploying, starting, stopping and refreshing applications on Tomcat 6 and Tomcat 7.


  • Have Atlassian Bamboo 3.1 or later
  • You must be using Tomcat 6 or above
  • You must have the Tomcat Manager web application running and enabled.
  • Crendentials provided in Bamboo for the Tomcat Tasks must have the right roles within Tomcat to deploy using the Application Manager. See the <a href="">Tomcat Manager Howto</a> for more information.


  • Create a fork of this repository on
  • Commit your changes to the fork. Writing tests is encouraged where possible.
  • Email introducing yourself, a link to your repository and a short summary of your changes.
  • The Team will then discuss your changes and if everything goes to plan merge them into the Atlassian repository.
  • All changes accepted will appear in a future version of Atlassian Bamboo


  • James Dumay


Apache License 2.0
See LICENSE.txt for full information