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CONF-25405: screen-scrape reporter correctly in 'Insert JIRA issue' dialog in JIRA 5.0.3 and later

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                 var createForm = AJS.$('form[action$="CreateIssueDetails.jspa"]', data);
                 var versions = AJS.$('select[name="versions"] option', createForm).not('[value="-1"]');
                 var components = AJS.$('select[name="components"] option', createForm).not('[value="-1"]');
-                var reporter = AJS.$('input[name="reporter"]', createForm).val();
+                var reporter = AJS.$('input[name="reporter"],select[name="reporter"]', createForm).val();
                 var priority = AJS.$('select[name="priority"]', createForm).val();
                 var typeSelectParent = AJS.$('div.type-select-parent', container);
-AJS.Editor.JiraConnector.Panels.push(new AJS.Editor.JiraConnector.Panel.Create());
+AJS.Editor.JiraConnector.Panels.push(new AJS.Editor.JiraConnector.Panel.Create());
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