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 # Confluence Source Editor Plugin
-This plugin provides the ability to edit a Confluence pages storage source while in the RTE.
+The Confluence Source Editor plugin allows users to view and edit the underlying storage format for a Confluence page. The source editor is ideal for:
-An icon (<>) is added to the right-hand side of the toolbar that provides access to the editor.
+* Copy/pasting back and forth between Confluence and your preferred desktop editor
+* Quickly viewing and editing macro parameters, link URLs, image names and more.
+* Quickly fixing editor formatting errors
+* Search and replace macro parameters and link urls.
-While there is some limited validation, it is still possible to manipulate and save the source such that a page cannot be
-rendered correctly.
+When the plugin is installed and enabled on your Confluence site, users will see the new source editor button <> in the editor toolbar. Features include:
-If this occurs, the changes may be reverted via a opening the pages history and reverting to an earlier version.
+* XML syntax highlighting and line numbers to make the source easy to read.
+* Simple validation ensures that your XHTML is well formed before you apply the changes to the page.
+Access to the Source Editor may be restricted to specific groups by the system administrator.
+Documentation for the Confluence Storage Format is available [here](
+This plugin is available on the [Atlassian Marketplace](
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