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PL-2534 If the configured Jira server is temporarily unavailable when starting the app, it is very slow and hangs for some minutes.

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     private UserCfg basicUser;
     private UserCfg proxyUser;
     private boolean useBasicUser = false;
+    private boolean serverResponding = false;
     public ServerData(Builder builder) {
         super(builder.server != null ? builder.server.getServerId().getId() : "",
                 builder.server != null ? builder.server.getUrl() : "",
         return useBasicUser;
+    public boolean isServerResponding() {
+        return serverResponding;
+    }
+    public void setServerResponding(boolean serverResponding) {
+        this.serverResponding = serverResponding;
+    }
      * Beware when overriding this method. It uses instanceof instead of getClass().
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