Crowd REST Client

An Apache-licensed library for Crowd's REST API

Atlassian Crowd has an API consisting of a number of REST-based resources. This library simplifies access through Java.


Binary, source and documentation releases of this library are available from the Atlassian Public Maven Repository. You can query the repository to find out which is the latest release. Add the dependency to your Maven pom.xml file as follows:


Or to your SBT build.sbt file projects as follows:

resolvers += "atlassian-public" at ""

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  "com.atlassian.crowd.client" % "atlassian-crowd-rest-client" % "1.2"

(1.2 is just an example: check the repository for the latest release.)


You'll need Crowd's base URL and an application-specific name and password (see Adding an Application).

import com.atlassian.crowd.service.client.CrowdClient;

CrowdClient client = new RestCrowdClientFactory().newInstance(url, applicationName, applicationPass);

For more information, please see the section on CrowdClient at Java Integration Libraries.


REST resources are supported since Crowd 2.1, although some resources may only be available in later versions.