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You have successfully created a plugin using the Crucible plugin archetype. What to do now:


- Run 'mvn eclipse:eclipse' to generate an Eclipse project file.
- Edit pom.xml. Add information about your project, its developers and your organisation. Check the version of
  Crucible in the dependencies section is correct.
- Edit the plugin descriptor, src/main/resources/atlassian-plugin.xml. Add or modify plugin modules in your project.
- Edit the plugin code in src/main/java/ or the unit tests in src/test/java/.

More documentation on Crucible plugins is available here:


Building with your plugin with Maven is really easy:

- Run 'mvn compile' to compile the plugin.
- Run 'mvn test' to run the unit tests.
- Run 'mvn package' to produce the JAR.

Please remove this file before releasing your plugin.


The default pom has 'resource filtering' enabled, which means files in the src/main/resources directory will have
variables in the form ${var} replaced during the build process. For example, the default atlassian-plugin.xml includes
${project.artifactId}, which is replaced with the artifactId taken from the POM when building the plugin.

More information on resource filtering is available in the Maven documentation:
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