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Matthew Watson avatarMatthew Watson
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release crucible-p4-scm-plugin-1.6.0
Matthew Watson avatarMatthew Watson
Add scm details to pom
Matthew Watson avatarMatthew Watson
Update to 1.1. processutils and 5.0.0 crucible plugin base (FE 2.4.0)
Conor MacNeill avatarConor MacNeill
Set the plugin name consistently
Conor MacNeill avatarConor MacNeill
CRUC-4255: Stop the latest changelists from throwing a NoSuchElementException
Conor MacNeill avatarConor MacNeill
Make plugin version come from the pom
Conor MacNeill avatarConor MacNeill
Bring P4 plugin uptodate against 2.4 snapshots
Jonathan Nolen avatarJonathan Nolen
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