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Apache Connector for Crowd

See Integrating Crowd with Apache for background information and usage instructions.


We use JIRA rather than Bitbucket's issue tracking:


The following instructions assume your current working directory is the directory where cwdapache is checked out, and that Git is available on the build machine (it's used during the build):

 git clone 
 cd cwdapache

Building on CentOS 6

Last tested on CentOS 6.5:

yum install autoconf automake curl-devel httpd-devel libtool libxml2-devel subversion-devel curl httpd-devel libtool libxml2 mod_dav_svn
autoreconf --install

Optional: How to Build an RPM

If you'd like to build an RPM for later installation:

yum install rpm-build
echo "%_topdir $HOME/rpmbuild" > ~/.rpmmacros
mkdir -p ~/rpmbuild/{SOURCES,BUILD,SRPMS,RPMS}
rm mod_authnz_crowd-*.tar.gz
make dist # builds source distribution which is used as the source for the RPM
cp mod_authnz_crowd-*.tar.gz ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES
sed "s/Version:        .*/Version:        $(./version-gen)/" packages/mod_authnz_crowd.spec > packages/mod_authnz_crowd-current.spec
rpmbuild -ba --target x86_64 packages/mod_authnz_crowd-current.spec # or '--target x86' for a 32 bit build
rm packages/mod_authnz_crowd-current.spec
echo "Your RPMS should be in..." && ls -R ~/rpmbuild/SRPMS ~/rpmbuild/RPMS

Building on CentOS 5

Last tested on CentOS 5.10.

Follow the instructions for CentOS 6, but:

  • you must use a more recent version of libtool. libtool 2.2.6b is what CentOS 6 ships with at time of writing, and is known to work.

Building on Debian 6 (squeeze):

automake --force-missing --add-missing


make install

After installing

Modify apache config, do NOT USE .htaccess!

service apache2 reload