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See more information about the Apache Crowd Connector at:

---- Building ----

	autoreconf --install

More info at:

----- Testing ----

1a. Download and install the Atlassian SDK following the steps here:

2a. Start up Crowd using the command: src/crowd/connector-test/atlas-run -p 8095 --context-path ROOT

3a. Run:  export APACHE_BIN_DIR=/usr/sbin  (or to where httpd lives)

4a. Run the src/ script

------ Memcached ------

1b. Install memcached from

1b. To test the Memcached version you will have to uncomment the following line on the file: src/httpd/conf/httpd.conf


2b. And start the Memcached process running: src/

3b. Repeat the steps 2a,3a,4a.

Good luck ;)

----- apr-memcache -----

If you're running an old version of apr/apr-util on your server you may need to update to a latest version that has 
support for apr-memcached, or alternativelly you can build/use this extra library:

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