Luis Miranda avatar Luis Miranda committed b34313c

modified pom.xml to be able to release 2.2-atlassian-*

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-    <version>2.2-SNAPSHOT</version>
+    <version>2.2-atlassian-1-SNAPSHOT</version>
     <description>A high performance data logging and graphing system for time series data.</description>
-    <!-- Use the Sonatype parent to be able to sync to central. -->
+    <!-- Use this to be able to deploy to -->
-        <groupId>org.sonatype.oss</groupId>
-        <artifactId>oss-parent</artifactId>
-        <version>7</version>
+        <artifactId>atlassian-public-pom</artifactId>
+        <groupId>com.atlassian.pom</groupId>
+        <version>29.2</version>
-        <!-- See -->
-        <!-- for how to perform a release from the connection below. -->
-        <connection>scm:git:</connection>
-        <developerConnection>scm:git:</developerConnection>
-        <url></url>
+        <connection>scm:git:ssh://</connection>
+        <developerConnection>scm:git:ssh://</developerConnection>
+        <url></url>
             <name>Fabrice Bacchella</name>
+        <developer>
+            <id>lmiranda</id>
+            <name>Luis Miranda</name>
+            <email></email>
+        </developer>
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