Debug wrapper for the git clone and push commands

The ./bin directory contains a set of wrapper scripts that capture valuable debug information when attempting to clone from or push to a git repository.


The scripts in the bin directory can be used directly (e.g. ./bin/git-debug-clone URL) or as a git subcommand if the scripts are in a directory that is available on the $PATH.

curl -OL
./git-debug-clone URL

Alternatively make can be used to copy the scripts to your /usr/local/bin directory. This will also copy the man pages to the appropriate directories on your system.

make install

To remove the scripts and man pages run uninstall:

make uninstall


Use git debug-clone instead of git clone and git debug-push instead of git push to capture debug information that will be written to a local log file.


git debug-clone ssh://


git debug-push origin master

Log file

The wrapper scripts capture stderr and stdout and write both to the file atlassian-stash-git-debug.log in the current working directory.