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CONFDEV-13463 Merge in Craig's placeholder text examples

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File src/main/resources/com/atlassian/confluence/plugins/hello_blueprint/xml/content-template-a.xml

     module in the atlassian-plugin.xml file to be "view" and not "edit".<br/>
     If the result is "view", the new page will be created immediately and the user taken to it.
+    <li><ac:placeholder>This is an example of instruction text that will get replaced when a user selects the text and begins typing.</ac:placeholder></li>
+    <ac:task>
+        <ac:task-status>incomplete</ac:task-status>
+        <ac:task-body><ac:placeholder ac:type="mention">@mention example. This placeholder will automatically search for a user to mention in the page when the user begins typing.</ac:placeholder></ac:task-body>
+    </ac:task>
 <!-- 'rawXhtml' parameter for 'var' makes this variable accept XHTML content without escaping it -->
 <p><at:var at:name="xhtmlString" at:rawXhtml='true'/></p>