JIRA Admin Helper Scripts

This repository contains scripts that may help you in maintenance of your JIRA instance.


  1. node.js, version 5.11.0+
  2. git clone
  3. cd jira-admin-helper-scripts
  4. npm install

Query workflow permissions before upgrade to JIRA Server 7.3.0

JIRA 7.3.0 introduced a change in workflow editing that allow users with ADMINISTER_PROJECT permission to edit isolated workflows.

This command will print out user names, groups, projects and workflows affected by this change

node query-project-admin-workflow-permissions.js

Sample output:

==== Results ====
Project: qw
    Lead: admin
        Workflow: jira
    Granted:  jira-software-users (group)
Project: qwe
    Lead: fred
        Workflow: QWE: Project Management Workflow
    Granted:  jira-software-users (group) fred (projectLead)