What Is It?

A JIRA plugin for integrating with Bamboo.

Who Owns It?

The Bamboo team is responsible for doing releases, fixing bugs, etc.


  • Ask in the Bamboo room on HipChat
  • See EAC for more details.


There are two separate build plans with different purposes:

URI.js was generated in http://medialize.github.io/URI.js/build.html with URI.js option only.


This project uses Maven 3 and therefore AMPS 5.x. For development purposes, you can run it from the command line using atlas-run or atlas-debug as normal:

atlas-debug --instanceId jira

To run the CTK tests: atlas-debug --product jira-clean

To run JIRA : mvn jira:run -DskipITs

  • To install artifact and run unit tests only:

mvn clean install -DskipITs

  • To run unit tests only

mvn test