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What Is It?

A JIRA plugin for integrating with Bamboo.

Who Owns It?

The Bamboo team is responsible for doing releases, fixing bugs, etc.


  • Ask in the Bamboo room on HipChat
  • See EAC for more details.


There are two separate build plans with different purposes:

  • A build on SerBac. runs verification tests, use for releasing
  • A build on Tardigrade for testing JBAM with different branches of Bamboo. Do not create feature branches of this plan if you are making changes to JBAM.

URI.js was generated in http://medialize.github.io/URI.js/build.html with URI.js option only.


For development purposes, you can run this plugin from the command line via AMPS as normal:

mvn amps:debug -DinstanceId=jira -DskipTests

To run the CTK tests from your IDE, first start JIRA as follows:

mvn amps:debug -DinstanceId=jira-clean -DskipTests

To install the artifact and run unit tests only:

mvn clean install -DskipITs

To run unit tests only

mvn test