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JIRA FishEye Plugin

Repository branches

Branch JIRA version
jira-fisheye-plugin-5.0.x JIRA 5.0 - 5.1
jira-fisheye-plugin-5.2.x JIRA 5.2
jira-fisheye-plugin-6.0.x JIRA 6.0
jira-fisheye-plugin-6.1.x JIRA 6.1
jira-fisheye-plugin-6.2.x JIRA 6.2
jira-fisheye-plugin-6.3.x JIRA 6.3 - 6.4 (Java7)
master version in development, needs to be cut into jira-fisheye-plugin-x.y.z when superseeded, currently JIRA 7.0 (Java8)

More info:


Current master should build against JIRA 7. CI builds are at



mvn amps:debug -DinstanceId=jira

will start only Jira instance.


mvn amps:debug -DtestGroup=integration-tests

will start a JIRA instance, and two FishEye/Crucible instances. This is the environment used by func tests. By default no applinks are set up, the tests create (and teardown) them as needed.

Fecru data is restored from AMPS zips on startup (from JIRA data is restored once when starting tests (from Avoid restoring extra data during tests and make sure tests clean up any changes after they're done (applinks, issues, etc.).

Run func tests locally using

mvn integration-test